Anthra Zinc (Anthracite) Roofing & Cladding


Below this text you will see an image of a recent Anthra-Zinc project. We have more projects using this metal material at the bottom of the page.

VM zinc Anthra dormer

What is Anthra Zinc? & What Are The Benefits?

Anthra-Zinc is one of the top surface finishes for architects all over the world. This beautiful metal is like Quartz-Zinc in many ways but has been around much longer. VM Zinc have been producing this material since 1978 and Quartz-Zinc since 1993. You can check this link to see all the VM Zinc surface finishes.

One of the main differences between the two is the colour. Quartz is grey with Anthra a much darker black. Both surface finishes come from Natural Zinc and go through the same process to get their colour. This process involves immersing Natural Zinc in a solution which alters the structure of the metal.

The result for Anthra-Zinc is a stone-like black colour which has a grainy composition. Most architects that opt for this metal do so because of the velvet look.

Some confuse the look as another finish but that is not the case. The process changes the surface of the metal at the chemical level. The result is the black finish that can blend in with other materials such as slate.

Surface Can Become Lighter In Colour

Unlike Quartz, Anthracite Zinc can become lighter with exposure to the weather. This also depends on the type of installation. White marks can appear on the surface which you can avoid with a regular rinse. Any scratches on the surface will disappear as the natural grey patina develops.

VM Zinc tend to cover Anthra in a protective film to prevent scratches. This film is also useful to prevent fingerprints and other contamination.

When it comes to installation, Anthra-Zinc has the ability to blend in with most materials. These include wood, timber, glass, stone and other construction materials.

Anthracite Grey Cladding For Domestic Properties

anthracite grey cladding

It’s common to see the exterior of domestic properties using Anthracite grey cladding. This is also the case for extensions and even sheds. There is a difference though, usually the materials are Timber, PVC or Plastic and not Metal. There are many fine examples of pitched roofs with dormers using the same type of cladding solution.

Anthra Zinc Standing Seam To Roof

The image below is another recent project in Chelsea in London. Here our task was to provide a standing seam with access to the roof of the property.

Anthra Zinc Standing Seam To Roof

Latest Projects

The images below are other recent projects we have completed with Anthra-Zinc. This metal is becoming more common as a shed roofing material in recent times.

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